A Walk To Remember by Nicholas Sparks

Feb 23, 2017

Part 1

Landon’s choice of staying with Jamie on the midst of her worst condition makes me consider him a brave man. I see him as a man with undeniable courage since it’s never easy to see a rich and popular man like him could really stay with a poor and sick girl as Jamie.

When I was in 4th grade, I met a young boy named Juris whose father, like Landon, was a politician. While reading the parts where Landon speaks with his father, I remember my classmate who also seems to be following just as what his parents tell him to do. Like Landon, he also had quite a bad reputation of being a naughty kid who always gets everyone’s attention.

I wonder why Hegbert  Sullivan did not ask for financial support regarding his daughter’s health. Had he announced that Jamie has leukemia earlier, surely people would help them and she could have lived longer and her love story with Landon could have ended happily.

I guess Landon would be loving and remembering Jamie until his last breath. It was mentioned that he kept on going back on their memories so that means he cannot and has no plans of forgetting Jamie.

Part 2

My favorite part of the story was that moment when Landon first noticed Jamie’s beauty. That was when Miss Garber asked her to stand and present herself to the class for she is the one assigned to act as the angel to the drama that her father actually wrote. For me that is a hint for the start of their love story. While I was reading that part, I was really expecting that later, Landon would appreciate Jamie more than the beauty he has seen.

What I most wanted to happen was that though Jamie died, Landon would find her as a part of his past and continue living his life.

What I really liked was Landon’s brave decision to stay with Jamie and make her dreams come true until her last breath.

What surprised me was when Jamie suddenly announced that she has leukemia just when everything was gong so right and almost perfect.

What I most admired about the main character was his great undying love for Jamie.

What inspired me was Jamie and Landon’s unusual love story and how they managed to stay in love despite the difficult situation they’re into.

What I hated the most was the reality that no matter how rich Landon was, he cannot extend Jamie’s life.

What I wanted to see in the ending is Landon would finally find peace regarding Jamie’s death and probably consider moving on.

What I predicted to happen which actually did was that Landon and Jamie would have a tragic love story.

What the novel taught me was that we do not take hold of our lives so we should make the most of it with and for our loved ones.

What I would want to ask the author was why does it really have to be a tragic love story and why Landon stayed unmarried for years.

Angel Mae Monserat      



loved and chosen and favored

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