​Book Title: The Choice    

I felt it was a difficult situation for Travis when he had to make a choice of either to pull off Gabby’s life support to follow their will or keep his hopes up, that she might soon be waking up. It’s hard in the sense that he has to respect what Gabby has decided to happen when she is in the same situation. Travis chose to keep her alive, anyway. I guess he cannot stand having the rest of his life wondering what could have happened if he gave Gabby more time. 

Travis and Gabby owned a pet which they both took care of and loved. Like both the protagonists, I also had a pet dog before. I know the feeling of taking care of it and being overly concerned with everything it does. Pets surely give happiness to people.

It is obvious with the title that one or both of the characters would really make a choice. For me, the biggest choice that Gabby did was when she broke off her long-time relationship with Kevin to take a chance with Gavin. I just wondered why Gabby did that, knowing that she does not know much about Gavin yet. For me, in reality her choice was not so convincing.

The book ended with the family spending a blissful day together, which I think is how they would be living for the rest of their lives. Although they all had to undergo some adjustments with their relationship as a family, they will eventually overcome it and continue living happy life.



loved and chosen and favored

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