Book title: Safe Haven

Book Title: Safe Haven                    Date: April 22, 2017
Part 1

Safe Haven is a different kind of novel written novel written by Nicholas Sparks. He gave Katie a courageous and strong character as she decided to leave her husband and go to a different place. I felt how hard it was for her to be in that situation. She was scared, but she’s determined to be out of the hell Kevin has got her into. I admire her for she desperately strived to survive. It is something that’s not too common for a female character of a love story.

Our family moved to a new house when I was 11, so I had to adjust with the new environment and the new people we meet. At first it was really difficult to connect with the new people. You never know whom to talk to and whom to ask but later we managed to get along with these new folks just as Katie did. She even found a new bestfriend, Jo.

The character of Jo in the story I believe, makes the novel take another step closer to being unrealistic, although her presence helped  Katie develop her attraction to  Alex. I just wonder why the author had to make Jo and use her as a ghost and did not choose another person, say Jo’s closest friend instead. It could have made the story free from unrealistic elements.

I suppose Katie and Alex will have children of their own and continue their love story as they move on from each other’s past. They will build a happy family where they love and support each other.

Part 2



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